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Brazilian Court Reverses Compulsory Submission Agreement Requirement

In this Guest Post, FELIPE SPERANDIO from Brazil updates us on a recent decision of the Court of Appeal that has done away with an otherwise troubling requirement of a compulsory submission agreement.

In a recent decision, a Court of Appeal in Brazil has corrected an arbitration-related decision, on the validity of arbitration clauses, which had raised a red flag among practitioners and scholars. The revised national court’s position places Brazil back on the pro-arbitration track.


Inepar S.A. Indústria e Construções (Inepar), the contractor, entered into an agreement with Itiquira Energética S.A. (Itiquira), the employer, for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The dispute resolution clause provided for ICC arbitration, with Brazil as the seat and Brazilian law as the governing law.

Disagreements between the parties started in 2001. Inepar sought to revise the amount owed to it under the contract given unexpected conditions that had results in extra costs and delays. Itiquira responded by terminating the agreement on account of Inepar’s delays. Read the rest of this entry